I am an artist living and working in Denver. I have a studio at GRACe – it’s only 100 square feet and currently housing about 400 square feet of painting.

My mother gave me crayons as soon as she was pretty sure I wouldn’t eat them, and I’ve been making images ever since. I have included some sort of technology in my process since before I knew what I was doing; I would send my dad to work with my drawings to copy on the Xerox, cut up and reassemble the results to be copied again and again until there was nothing recognizable. Then I’d start over.

By the time I started my undergrad degree at Michigan State University, I’d had a few computer classes and spent entire summers building canvases and painting with my first mentor, Elaine Perret. When I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with a year off in there as an Americorps*VISTA, I had learned HTML and started referencing my digital work I did in my paintings. I used the first iterations of Adobe Photoshop and whatever other tools I could find on the computers in the graphic design lab.

After graduating and 20 years of happily teaching computer classes, working at a software company, and then a tech-oriented position at an association, I was burned out and wondering about painting again. After two years of struggling, I left my full time position and started doing us that, plus contract web development, digital marketing and design.


2021 R Gallery, Spring: New Beginnings, Boulder, CO
2021 40 West, I HEART…, CO
2020 CO Mills Abstracts Exhibit, CO
1999 NYU Graduate Student Show
1998 Screen Test, Senior Show
Gallery 114, Michigan State University


2021 Award of Excellence, 40 West Arts
1999 Ralf Henricksen Award for Painting
Michigan State University
1992 First Prize Fine Art Scholarship
Michigan State University


1999 – 2000 New York University
1992 – 1999 Michigan State University
Bachelor’s of Fine Art, Cum Laude