Slice was about twenty other paintings before it became what you see below. It’s based on a picture I grabbed with my iPhone at sunset while riding in a Kubota at warp speed through a friend’s winery. I ran that photo through a few models in RunwayML (an AI program I LOVE) and did a few color layers based on the results. Before I had a chance to finish, the studio was shut down for COVID-19, and I was at home making cakes instead of paintings.

When I returned about a month and a half later, I painted over nearly everything in white and started over from a more real place. I think it shows.

Slice was featured in the CO Mills Abstracts show, selected by 40 West, starting in September of 2020.

Ann Morgan, Burn Series, Burn I, Oil and Graphite on Canvas, 60

Slice, Oil on Canvas, 48″ x 72″

Slice at the GRACe Studio Gallery

Slice at the CO Mills Abstracts show